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A display of chiropractic equipment for chiropractic care and adjustments at the 212 Degree facility

The Cause of Peripheral Neuropathy 

Peripheral neuropathy refers to many conditions that involve damage to the peripheral nervous system. This damage causes weakness, burning pain, numbness, tingling, and debilitating balance problems.

Neuropathy, aka nerve pain, is debilitating for many people and keeps them from living normal lives. Many Americans struggle with neuropathy for years before seeking treatment. 

Nerve pain typically gets worse before it gets better. At 212 Degrees of Wellness, we work to find the root cause of your pain and go from there. 

New patient hands being comforted
New patient receiving foot neuropathy, aka nerve pain, treatment at 212 Degrees of Wellness
New Patient receiving Shockwave therapy to help treat feet neuropathy at 212 degrees of wellness

Consistent tingling in the fingers/hands, toes and feet are just one of the many signs of neuropathy. What causes that feeling to happen is when signals going from the brain to the peripheral nerves in the extremities are interrupted, causing “static” in the nervous system, which translates into the physical sensation of tingling, pain, coldness and other paresthesia. For anyone who has experienced neuropathy, you know it’s very uncomfortable and greatly affects your quality of life.

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Put an End to Peripheral Neuropathy and Chronic nerve Pain without Medications

A display of chiropractic care equipment and tables at the 212 Degrees of Wellness facility

Many Different Issues in the Body can Cause Damage to the Nerves.

A few causes of peripheral neuropathy are:

  • Poor Blood Flow to the Nerves

  • Alcoholism 

  • Kidney Disease 

  • Arthritis

  • Cancer

  • Lupus 

  • Auto-immune Diseases

  • Toxic Levels of Sugar in the Blood (Diabetes)

  • Chronic Infections

  • Pesticide Exposure

  • Pressure on the Nerve and Spinal Cord 

  • B12 Vitamin deficiency

The cause of neuropathy is different for every patient. At 212 Degrees of Wellness, we work with patients to help them find the source of the nerve damage, and the healing process can begin. 

Non-Medication Treatment for Neuropathy and Chronic Nerve Discomfort is Available

Although peripheral nerve damage can be debilitating, peripheral nerves CAN heal, so you DON’T have to live with it for the rest of your life. It is well established in the scientific literature that peripheral nerves can and do heal. People affected by peripheral nerve damage may think it’s permanent, but with proper treatment, nerve damage can heal!

The first step in healing the nerves is to stop whatever is causing nerve damage in the first place. These factors need to be determined to start healing:

  • What is the underlying cause of the nerve damage?

  • How severe is the nerve damage?

  • What types of nerve fibers are damaged?

A display of chiropractic care equipment and tables at the 212 Degrees of Wellness facility

Nerve Cells Need Two Things To Heal: Fuel and Activation!

212 Degrees of Wellness uses several targeted methods to heal nerve damage without pain medications and surgery.  

Cells need fuel and activation to heal. Combining proper nutrition (fuel)  with lower-level-light therapy (fuel) and electrostimulation (activation), the damaged nerves can begin to heal, creating the growth of new nerves!. 

New patient receiving neuropathy foot treatment therapy
Electromagnetic Infrared Therapy feet imagery utilized in Low-Level Light Therapy treatment

Electromagnetic Infrared Therapy

Also known as Low-Level Light Therapy, this treatment increases blood flow to the targeted area. This increased blood flow helps repair the nerves. The light therapy signals Vasoendothelial Growth (VEGF), which signals the production of angiogenesis. Angiogenesis is the creation of new blood vessels needed to repair nerve damage.


We use state-of-the-art digital electro-therapeutic stimulation to assist in the growth of the nerves called Nerve Re-Education. This is used by the Cancer Centers of America in order to help those going through Chemotherapy rebuild their nerves. Nerve Re-Education can even be done at home, so therapy can be done daily! The results can be immediate in both pain relief and restoration of normal sensation.

212's New patient receiving Electrostimulation foot treatment to help rebuild and relieve nerve pain
Kelly reaching for nutritional supplement used to help accelerate advanced nutrition therapy process

Advanced Nutrition Therapy

Proper nutrition in support of our other VITAL COMPONENTS is vital for optimal tissue and nerve repair. Our Advanced Nutritional Therapies have been to designed to accelerate the healing process by affecting the complex processes of inflammation, blood flow, and bioavailable nitric oxide.

In-Clinic Visits & Online Education

In synergy with your home infrared electromagnetic & electrostimulation therapy, you will have in-person office visits 1-2x per week for our in-clinic protocols that involve other state-of-the-art technologies. Each vital component is equally important for patient results.

212 Degrees of Wellness's, Riley, assisting patient's family with in-clinic visits

Neuropathy Treatment/Recovery Varies From Person To Person and Is Determined After a Detailed Neurological and Vascular Evaluation.

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New patient receiving Neuropathy treatment for their feet to relieve nerve damage at 212 Degrees

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