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Elderly woman taking her firs step towards a naturally healing body with exercise

Take The First Step Towards Healing Your Body, Naturally.

Schedule your chiropractic appointment with Dr. Jerod Posey!

Whether you’re looking to align your spine, experience whole-body wellness, or treat chronic pain, Dr. Jerod and his team will work with you to create an individualized care plan.

A new patient receiving chiropractic neck adjustments and care at 212 Degrees of Wellness
Kelly assisting a new patient sit up during their chiropractic care adjustments

We Understand the Importance of your Health at 212 Degrees of Wellness.

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Dr. Jerod is currently the only CBP certified doctor in the St. Louis area.  Chiropractic BioPhysics is a highly-advanced, scientific, and proven chiropractic technique that corrects and restores your spine’s alignment and alleviates pain and discomfort from its source—helping you heal!

Chiropractic BioPhysics Certified Doctor in St. Louis, Dr, Jerod, providing new patient chiropractic

See Why People are Raving About 212 Degrees of Wellness

212 Degrees of Wellness facility for chiropractic care located at 17197 New College Ave, Wildwood MO

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