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Receive Natural Pain Relief

Chronic pain, headaches, sciatica pain, muscle stiffness, and soreness are not normal. Chronic pain and physical illness take a toll on your wellbeing. It’s hard to feel yourself when all you can feel is pain and discomfort.

212 Degrees of Wellness providing natural relief for a new child patient with aches and discomfort

Those aches and pains are symptoms of a larger issue. 212 Degrees of Wellness will work with you to find the root cause of the discomfort and create a wellness plan to have you feeling like your old self. 

Older lady stretching with colleagues at a dance practice

Get Back to Living Your Best Life, Pain-Free with Gentle Chiropractic Care Near You

At 212 Degrees of Wellness
It’s Not Just About Pain Relief and Feeling Better.
It’s About Healing Better.

212 Degrees of Wellness providing Chiropractic Care Adjustments for a new patient for better relief

Chiropractic care is not just for treating neck pain and back pain. It’s for overall body function and healing. 

​Chiropractic adjustments affect not only the spine but the spinal cord/nervous system, which is responsible for every action and function of your body, from your muscles to organs, glands, and tissues. 

212 Degrees of Wellness reviewing X-ray imagery on a tablet
A display of Chiropractic Equipment and Table at the 212 Degrees of Wellness Facility

A Whole-Body, Chiropractic Approach To Treating Pain

Routine chiropractic plays a big role in removing the interference in your nervous system and goes beyond just treating a person with neck or back pain. 

If you’re experiencing pain in a particular area, we work with you over a series of treatments to correct the interference that gives you pain. 

Dr. Jerod adjusting new patient's neck to relieve pain and to correct interference
Dr. Jerod providing a new patient non-invasive Chiropractic BioPhysics to strengthen posture

Our Chiropractic Care Is Non-Invasive  

We promote wellness care through chiropractic adjustments and our Chiropractic BioPhysics approach to correct posture and help rehabilitate and strengthen your structure where needed.

If you’re experiencing nerve pain from sciatica, damage to soft tissue, or sports injuries, try our Shockwave (EPAT) therapy.  It’s a non-invasive form of pain relief that requires no surgeries, pain medication, or downtime. 

Shockwave (EPAT) tech experty Cindy providing new patient foot therapy at 212 Degrees of Wellness

Let's Get you Feeling & Healing Better Together!

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Chiropractic Assistant Kelly providing new patient spinal rehabilitation care at 212 Degrees

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