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Reshape Your Life with Scolibrace® by ScoliCare®

Custom-made 3D spinal braces for children, adolescents, and adults with scoliosis

212 Degrees of Wellness is the Leading Scolicare Provider in the St. Louis Area!

212 Degrees of Wellness using a specialize tablet to scan a new patient with Scoliosis
An example of a new patient upper back and neck scoliosis
An example displaying a new scoliosis patients lower back

A Non-Invasive Scoliosis Treatment 

ScoliBrace® is a unique scoliosis bracing method using the best corrective principles from other current bracing methods.

3D Designed Scoliosis Brace for a 3D Condition

Scoliosis is a 3-dimensional condition. Therefore, effective treatments need to be 3-dimensional too. ScoliBrace® is made from 3D body scans in conjunction with x-rays and posture photos. Each brace is then designed using Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software, and the brace is custom-made.

To create a ScoliBrace®, scans of the patient are taken to develop a customized brace that fits a patient's unique shape and needs.

The 3D imaging software used to scan the patient is called BraceScan.  Digital posture pictures and X-ray images are used as well!

3D body scan of new scoliosis patient at 212 Degrees of Wellness
212 chiropractic service office
Dr. Jerod showing new scoliosis patient x-ray imagery while providing beneficial ScoliBrace info

The Physical Benefits of ScoliBrace® 

By positioning the body and spine in their over-corrected or mirror image position, the ScoliBrace® can have a super-corrective effect. Curve reductions are achieved in most cases, as well as improvements to rib humping, shoulder unleveling, and the body's overall appearance.

212 Degrees of Wellness's Chiropractic Equipment and tables

Treating Scoliosis With ScoliBrace®

EveryBODY is different. Every Scoliosis case is unique to that person. When treating Scoliosis with ScoliBrace®, each patient’s results will vary.

Overtime ScoliBrace® treatments are known to:

  • Reduce scoliosis curves in infantile, juvenile & AIS cases

  • Reduce pain and improve posture

  • Improve cosmetics with reduced rib humping, more level shoulders, and a more symmetrical waist

Form-fitting Scoliosis Brace, Easy to Wear

New Patient wearing ScoliBrace

ScoliBrace® opens and closes at the front, making it easy to wear and remove without assistance.

Older patient revealing her concealable ScoliBrace under her shirt

A variety of colors and patterns are available for patients to personalize the look of their brace.

Read ScoliBrace® Case Studies!

Riley providing Chiropractic Care assistance for new patient's family at 212 Degrees of Wellness

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